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Kids seem to know who's on their side and who is not and it shows through their level of respect and trust. When a child trusts and respects you, it's usually because you trust and respect them. The benefits are good listening, easier communication, less power struggles and stronger bond making for way better interactions with each other.

How To Be the One Kids Gravitate To

better listening and communication info for educators and teachers leadership and teamwork parenting strategies and solutions suitable for children of all ages Apr 12, 2023


Kids seem to know who's on their side and who is not. They can tell much easier than us adults can. I've seen this time and time again over the last 2.5 decades of working with children. They will demonstrate their level of respect and trust based on the level of respect and trust you give them. Think of it as a mirror reflection.


One of the big motivators are the benefits that come with doing this. The benefits include but are not limited to getting a high level of respect and trust back from the child as well as better listening, easier communication, less power struggles and stronger bond making for way better interactions with each other. 


I explain to many adults whether they are parents, teachers, educators, support staff or even grandparents, that children deem anyone taller than them, a LEADER. Whether you like it or not, you're it! They seek out guidance, understanding and care from the LEADERS around them which is great however, not every adult is aware of this and not many of them want this role. This is where it can get tricky. Some adults are conscious of this and some are unconscious of this. It's not until we are aware of this role, that it becomes easier to navigate in these relationships.

 If we understand the role of Leadership and act the part, children will gravitate towards us because we've got what they are looking for  and need in order to develop this part of their skills-set. It's like spidey-senses......they just know.


This is also beneficial for those in a team. Whether you are co-parenting, part of a staff or organization, working towards the same goal puts us on a team. The LEADERSHIP + TEAMWORK PROGRAM that I offer provides clarity around the roles of being a team player and leader no matter what age of children you interact with, your job description or experience. Some of the areas we cover under this topic are:

  • how to stay present even when it's hard and you don't want to
  • a variety of ways to connect to children that you may not have realized
  • how to truly listen to a child and let them know that you understand them
  • how to actually play and interact with children of all ages and abilities
  • learn how to accept a child for who they are

With all this insider-knowledge, you'll become the superhero you've always wanted to be and kids will gravitate towards you no matter where you are because they like how you make them feel.


For example:  When you want to interact and engage with a child, let them know you want to do so. Ask them what they want to do and then do it. Don't try to change it or offer a better suggestion, just take their lead. This validates them and shows that you accept them for who they are - including their ideas - which gives them a sense of strong value.  Play along with the suggested play/activity ensuring that health and safety are considered of course. Later that day and into the next day, observe how your child is feeling, their stress level and how they are around you. It may take a few of these interactions to start seeing the result.


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