It's a complex dance and delicate balance from being a connected Mother to creating my own coaching resources as well as being part of a collaborative team and working hard for parents around the world.

It didn't happen overnight. It has been working for over 25 years in the field and almost 11 years as a consultant as well as an entire childhood surrounded by many children. Layered experience is what I've collected along with Education and Professional Development. Practical skills and knowledge have shaped my expertise in this work and it is my life's mission to continue to deliver the goods.

Being an Early Childhood Consultant

25 years in the field, license allows me to be certified every 5 years, professional development, education background, coaching courses, collab with a medical team.

Add: soft skills

responsible, problem solver, good communicator, high emotional intellegence, organized, attention to details, flexible, 


Being a Entrepreneur

career highlights, creating program, content, wrokshops and resouces.


administrative, marketing, work/life balance

Being a Mamma


solo parent - daily struggles - in the trenches

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