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Providing 1:1 COACHING, ONLINE WORKSHOPS and RESOURCES that are convenient, effective and easily accessible with flexible scheduling. 

1:1 Individual Sessions

Speak with Julie over the phone or via zoom to discuss your specific situation and get a game plan.

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1:1 Coaching Programs

Take a look at all the programs that are available for one-on-one coaching sessions. Mix + match to customize to your needs.

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Not Sure Where To Start?

Let's figure that out during our discovery call. It's the best place to start to discuss the behaviours and situation in greater detail. From there we can create an outline and a game plan so you DO know where to start.

 The consultation usually lasts about 30 minutes and there is no charge for this initial call.

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Meet Julie Romanowski

Consultant - Coach - Speaker - Author - Parent


Every day challenges such as aggression, stress, disrespect, rudeness can create a negative effect that makes it difficult to navigate through.

This is where I can help guide you through the storm. The approach is effective, practical, kind, developmentally appropriate and of course positive. Focusing on the most important components of COMMUNICATION and CONNECTION between adults and children.

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How I Can Help You

We want the best for our children but when they push our buttons and we get stuck in a challenging situation with them, it's hard to know exactly what to do and say when we are in the 'heat of the moment'. We tend to lean towards controlling the child instead of connecting and yelling instead of communicating. 

I can help bring awareness and clarity around why this happens and what to do about it. The main focus is PRACTICAL solutions and strategies that you can actually use on a daily basis. There's a little bit of the science end of things but mostly the reality side of things. 

No matter how many books you read or how many youtube videos you watch, not much out there is going to help YOU at YOUR home. The customized approach is what makes the real difference. We are in a stressful-survival-mode of life and we need strategies that work right here + right now.



"We have done 3 of the programs Julie offers. The programs are easy to follow and very realistic. We were able to put the strategies into practice that first day. She is amazing!!!!"
- Alisha + Tim B.
"I totally broke down on the phone because I was so overwhelmed. Julie made me feel supported and heard when I was talking about my son's behaviour. "
- Brittany W.
"Not only did we understand what was going on with Layla, we knew what to do about it. It's the first time I've felt confident to do something about it. "
- Jen + Tony M.

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These Coaching Programs Are A Great Place To Start....

Clear Expectations & Boundaries

Learn how to create and support boundaries to for clearer communication and understanding.

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Tantrums, Stress & Anxiety

Discover the most effective and positive way to navigate through these challenging situations.

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Guiding, Caring & Discipline

Understand exactly what to do when defiance occurs so that everyone involved is as successful as possible.

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