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Communication is vital in any relationship and we need to teach our kids these skills. Let kids know that they are worth your time, effort, energy and presence on a regular basis by telling them to loving things each day. Two loving things you can say to your children are

Learn Why Communication + Connection Actually Work

better listening and communication parenting strategies and solutions suitable for children of all ages May 26, 2023


Most people have heard by now that communication is vital in any type of relationship but not many know exactly what to say. Communicating with children requires more than just words. Children pick up messages from our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, the level of stress we are in as well as where our energy levels are at. That's why you'll hear the common phrase "Do as I say, not as I do" which we know never works. Sure kids copy our every move in order to learn the world around them but be aware that they will also copy how we react to anger, how we cope with stress and how we genuinely feel about the relationships we are in.


I try on a daily basis to demonstrate the love I have for those in my life not only through phrases but also through actions, quality time together, focused attention and acceptance of that individual. The two most loving things I say to children is "I've got your back" and "I hear you". These powerful phrases are not only loving and positive, they also let the child know that they have VALUE and are WORTHY of my time, attention and presence. I believe, this is what all humans truly want.


Connection through communication helps bond the adult and child even further. Showing that you WANT to connect to a child both in GOOD TIMES and BAD TIMES validates the child's existence which can allow them to feel safe to feel their feelings and have a purpose in life. Some people find it hard to understand this because a young child can look like they don't need to have a purpose but we want to remember that it's not until about the teen years that this becomes more relevant. Starting this healthy communication + connection habit in the early years allows TIME to develop so that it's ripe and ready for the teen years. Communication + connection are necessary in ANY relationship and how well the skills are in these key areas will determine the quality of that relationship.

COMMUNICATION + CONNECTION PROGRAM offered in both one-on-one sessions as well as online webinars and eventually full courses.

In this program you will discover why:

  • how to connect when the child is upset and doesn't want to talk
  • why kids don't listen to you even when we are trying to help them
  • instantly defuse power struggles and arguments
  • like spending time with your child more and increase quality time together


For example: Your school age child comes up to you nervous and upset because they don't really want to sing in the school concert. You don't think it's a big deal and try to help by telling the child 'not to worry about it'. This doesn't help and the child cries even more and is refusing to go to the concert or school every again! Instead of letting your frustrations run it's course you try something communicate and connect in a way that the KIDS will understand. You say "I hear what you're saying, you're nervous about the concert aren't you? I understand, it can be really upsetting when we're not sure about something. I've got your back, we can figure this out together. I'm here for you."


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